GENERATION NEXT part2. The Gay question. Is this evolution?

We continue our discussion on the seeming generational disconnect that faces our world today. 
In the past ten years or so, the issue of sexuality has become such a hot topic that our traditional values have been completely turned upside down. When I was growing up it was unthinkable for someone to openly admit they were homosexual or lesbian. When the word “gay” was mentioned, it was in connection with merriment. Sure there were stories in secondary school of gropings in the dark between girls and girls and boys and boys but they were largely in the realm of rumors and no one really took the stories seriously. 

There were stories too of adults in other climes who indulged in such things but they were referred to as queer; somehow they just did not fit in with what was normal. It did not make any physiological sense for a man to sleep with a man or a woman with a woman! In those days when you mentioned that a couple was getting married everyone knew you were talking about a man and a woman, you did not need to wonder at the gender; they were getting married, and a man marries a woman, period. It had nothing to do with religion, or race; a man was a man and a woman was a woman. 

In Sociology or was it psychology, I forget which, we were taught that man evolved over time and moved from an ape-like being to what we know today. I remember my lecturer trying to convince a class of skeptics that evolution was real and then ending the class by saying, “I am a believer I did not come from an ape.” That was quite refreshing for me, back then but now I’m beginning to wonder if maybe there’s some truth to the science of evolution.

A few days ago, Ireland, a decidedly catholic nation voted overwhelmingly in favour of same sex marriage and the decision was widely applauded. A few years ago, The church of Nigeria, Anglican commission  threatened to pull away from the Church of England for ordaining a gay priest. Since that time, all over the world, more and more people have openly declared their preference for the same sex. There are increasing number of places where gay and lesbian marriages have been legalized and it appears to be the new normal. A man marries another man and then they go and adopt a child. Cartoons now have gay and lesbian characters; everywhere you turn the issue stares you in the face and if you raise a dissenting voice you are accused of being intolerant!

What has gone wrong? When did bent become straight and straight bent? Who changed the rules? Doesn’t the physiological make up of the human body show clearly enough that it ought to be man and woman? How else can nature explain beyond the perfect fit of the human genitals?  Do animals sleep with other animals of the same sex? So who dropped the ball? How did humanity come to this point?

In reflecting on the gay question, I find myself wondering if this is evolution taking place before my eyes. Are we witnessing an evolved specie of beings who have grown to the point where their sub- specie no longer have physiological needs of the opposite sex? Could this actually be evolution taking place before our eyes? And if that is so will the rest of the homosapiens be wiped out to make way for these “superior” beings that are evolving?

If this isn’t evolution, what happened between the generations that believed a man was a male and a woman a female of the human species? Did we somehow allow a moment to slip by us without letting the generations that came after us know the reason why men and women are different and should remain so? If so what can we do to reverse the situation? Is it reversible? And if we do not reverse it what is going to happen to those coming after us? Where is generation next?

Author: elsiewrite

Wife. Mom. Writer. Worshiper of God. Certified Public Speaker. I love to laugh and like to learn. I enjoy a holiday when I can get one. If I could not write, wonder what I'd do?

One thought on “GENERATION NEXT part2. The Gay question. Is this evolution?”

  1. It all started in the dark; under the blankets. We didn’t take it serious to deal with it appropriately. In those days, when a young girl is molested, no one confronts the molester, as a matter of fact, they would blame the girl and ask her to keep her mouth such. Same thing with same sex madness!


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