The Rules of Engagement 2..

Continued from yesterday..

The Bible is the manual for survival in this army. Without it a soldier will quickly lose his way, misunderstand the rules, disobey vital commands and ultimately wind up critically injured or even dead. A Christian must be familiar with the Bible; every bit of it. You must read it daily; study it often, develop a close relationship with its pages, get familiar with the stories, understand its principles, meditate on its truths and most importantly obey it totally. The Bible is for nourishment, for instruction, for discipline, information, growth and development. It is the ultimate companion as well as the perfect guide. A Christian who does not read the Bible is not serious about being a soldier.

The third rule of engagement is prayer. Prayer is how the soldier communicates with his commander-in-chief. It is the line of communication that is always open. A Christian prays, it is in the place of prayer he receives instruction, directives and confirms his assignments. Are you a praying soldier?

There are other duty-specific rules of engagement but these three are the foundations for everything else. If a person neglects them, he, very likely is not truly a soldier and since you should not claim to be a soldier if you are not in the army, no one should claim to be a Christian if he isn’t one. Impostors usually get into trouble when found out. Pretending to be a Christian when you are not one could just be as dangerous.

And just to be clear, Christianity is not the answer you fill in the religion column of the form you sometimes fill out for whatever purpose, it is the deep, personal, conscious relationship with Jesus Christ that makes one a Christian.



Author: elsiewrite

Wife. Mom. Writer. Worshiper of God. Certified Public Speaker. I love to laugh and like to learn. I enjoy a holiday when I can get one. If I could not write, wonder what I'd do?

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