How do you read?

No, I don’t really mean “how?”

I mean how often? where? When? What and why?

I am what used to be known as a bookworm, except that I do not like worms and I refuse to apply that name to myself.

I shall instead refer to me as a “Book lover” or a “Lover of Books!”

Is there a difference? I don’t know really; I’ll let you be the judge of that.I read books; an average of two titles per time, sometimes as many as four. I have my book for using the bathroom, my book for short trips, my book for in-betweens (whatever that means)

I have the book that must be in my handbag, the one for the bedside bookcase and the one for the workplace cabinet.

I read every day, everywhere and almost everything.

I’m older now, not old, just older, so fiction often takes a back seat to motivation, and biography becomes a necessity for work sake. Children’s books are the stuff of my business, and the Holy Bible is my fave book of all time. But a book is a book is a book.

What about you? How do you read?


my bedside bookcase


Author: elsiewrite

Wife. Mom. Writer. Worshiper of God. Certified Public Speaker. I love to laugh and like to learn. I enjoy a holiday when I can get one. If I could not write, wonder what I'd do?

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