Motivation or Validation?

Today is Monday. So, Monday motivation right? Or wrong. Maybe. I read somewhere that motivation does not last and that is why we need it often. Hmmmmm… How much motivation do we need? and from where? who? what? Every Monday I come online, I see one wanna-be celebrity or the other giving pep talks andContinue reading “Motivation or Validation?”

What do you really want?

Today I begin sharing a few excerpts from my book on Clarity. Enjoy! What do you really want? How badly do you want it? What are you prepared to do to get that thing you want so badly? One thing I have come to realize is that most people do not really want the thingsContinue reading “What do you really want?”


I have lost count of the number of times I stood in front of my closet agonizing over what t-shirt to put on for my early morning walks, or to go to the shop or even just wear around the house. Sometimes I wear the same T-shirt repeatedly simply because I believe I do notContinue reading “COUNT YOUR T-SHIRTS”

The Fire Conferences

I met some really phenomenal ladies last week; women who are making tangible differences in various fields of endeavour but who are held down by age old beliefs and retrogrssesive cultural beliefs about the place of the female Homo sapiens. What I find particularly heartbreaking though is the attitude of some of my sisters. WeContinue reading “The Fire Conferences”

My Gratitude Chronicles (2)

Broken bones and forgiveness When I was about twelve or thirteen years old, someone did a bad DV episode on me and broke my back, (at least, that’s what the local orthopaedic guy said when my Mom took me to him very late the night after the incident I had been staying with this familyContinue reading “My Gratitude Chronicles (2)”

My Gratitude Chronicles (1)

When I was about 5 years old, I had a dream. It was a terrible nightmare and the dream is as clear now as the night I first had it more than forty years ago. In the dream, there were some people dressed in black from top to bottom; and they were standing beside aContinue reading “My Gratitude Chronicles (1)”

Nigeria @55: 55 Nigerians I admire and respect.

When I first came up with the idea of this article series sometime last year it seemed like the most ridiculous thing anyone could think of doing with their time. A number of my friends told me I would never be able to find as much as ten untainted Nigerians to write about let aloneContinue reading “Nigeria @55: 55 Nigerians I admire and respect.”

This thing called friendship..

MORNING THOUGHTS ON FRIENDSHIP By Elsie D. Oghenekaro My dear friend Who do you consider your friend and what are the rules of your friendship? Have you ever drawn up a friendship charter? Do you have a written or even verbal contract for this relationship that you talk about so much? Very often in lifeContinue reading “This thing called friendship..”