The Arrival 2.

 The lower part of my face was trembling slightly as I did my best to keep a straight face. The taxi headed for Area 3. I looked around and saw a hill across the road and behind, as the taxi moved away on clean, well-demarcated roads. I would find out later that hill was KukwabaContinue reading “The Arrival 2.”

I’m starting these notes today as a salute to the Abuja I used to know and love- which, by the way, I still love very much. I remember the first day I came into Abuja. It was a road trip from Lagos, through lokoja, or was it through someplace else? I do not remember tooContinue reading

Covid-19 Chronicles: what’s boredom?

I see people all over social media complaining of boredom and quite honestly I envy them. I wish I had nothing to do😪 I am so busy it is not even funny. I have real work, which is writing and more writing, my own writing, clients work, housework, prayer work, school work, mother hood work!Continue reading “Covid-19 Chronicles: what’s boredom?”

Covid-19 Chronicles 2: what day is it?

Yesterday was Sunday. One of the challenges I’ve noticed about this period is keeping up with days of the week. It seems like it’s just, “yesterday, today and tomorrow.” The days seem to have lost their individuality to this scourge!😪 So, yes, it was Sunday, and we had church, in the living room, via livestreamingContinue reading “Covid-19 Chronicles 2: what day is it?”