The Fire Conferences

I met some really phenomenal ladies last week; women who are making tangible differences in various fields of endeavour but who are held down by age old beliefs and retrogrssesive cultural beliefs about the place of the female Homo sapiens.

What I find particularly heartbreaking though is the attitude of some of my sisters. We seem like the proverbial horse tied to the plastic chair. Some of the issues facing us are really daunting no doubt but some of them are more issues of the mind than anything else. We seem to have bought the lie that there really is a glass ceiling that we are not allowed to shatter. Maybe there is a glass ceiling but hello?

That is why it is made of glass. Break it and don’t apologize. So many others have done it before you. And many more will do it.
Which is why I run the FIRE conferences, to help you light a fire in your career, business, marriage and life. You are female but you can be intentionally relevant everywhere.

Get fired up. Book to attend a fire conference in your city.


Keep Moving, keep moving!

June is generally accepted as Fathers month and I remember my Dad. My Dad was the very quiet sort, and he was not a particularly eloquent sort. He had more sons than daughters and he was fiercely protective of his daughters.

We lived in a sort of Close, but the path by our compound also connected to a larger street and the traffic through our close was quite significant.

My Dad would place his rocking chair on the veranda with a book in his hands and read, sometimes for hours.

Whenever we were playing outside or going about our chores, he would look up from time to time with an indulgent half smile and continue without saying a word.

All too often, a guy would pass by and slow down to maybe take a look at Papa’s girls, or not, but whenever that happened, Papa would lower the book, and stand up and say in a growly voice

“Keep moving, keep moving!”

It always worked. They kept moving. My Dad’s premises was not where you stood to stare if you had no business there.

This week don’t stand and stare at stuff that don’t add value to your goals. Keep moving in the direction of your dreams. Set a goal for this last week of June. Write your action plans, work it, and whatever you do, Keep moving!


Sunday Book review: New Book Alert

After close to a year of back and forth, my new book is set to hit the virtual shelves in a matter of days.

The book, GOD IS NOT HERE is particularly special to me. It is a book set in the part of the world where I come from, the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

It tells the story of the futility of the fight for control of
resources in the Delta; a fight with no winners. A fight that leaves the people concluding that God Is Not Here.

God is not here has been receiving rave reviews and I look forward to releasing it to you my dear blog followers. It will be available on,, and on my website,

In the meantime, you can pre-order at contact us here:

The pre-order price is NGN750. or $3.

The book is available from the 5th of February.

Save the date

God is not here<

Conversations…with Daughter Jack


My first question to Daughter is one that a lot of people are probably curious about; one they may not want to ask.
‘’Why would a single lady want to organize a programme for couples?’’
Her answer?


Daughter believes that she has been uniquely placed on Earth to do what she is doing. She has discovered her purpose, her raison d’etre, and she is filled with joy.
In 2009, she got the inspiration to put together a programme for married people to unwind in an atmosphere of love, laughter, and lights. And she decided to tag it, ‘’Couples Yellow Day.’’

It was a success, but it was also a stretch on her time and finances, and for the next two years, nothing happened. But the dream would not go away.
In 2012, she dusted her files and picked up where she left off. CYD2 held, and since then she has not looked back. Every year she brings together couples, who have been married for a significant length of time and they are pampered with dinner, dance and drama. It’s a date night of sorts, with games, music and inspiring conversations, as the couples share experiences and network in a relaxed atmosphere.

Daughter puts it all together and sits back to watch the couples have fun like an indulgent parent. At the end of it all, she is happy to see couples refreshed for an evening and impacted positively for a lifetime.
The Couples Yellow Day event has become a permanent fixture in the calendar of many married in the Federal Capital Territory; an event that is slowly evolving into a platform for healing homes.

The 7th edition of the CYD holds on the second of December, and Daughter is pulling out all the stops to make it as memorable as possible.
CYD this year will also be different in other ways, for the first time, CYD has a Facebook page. The CYD website is also under construction. Couples can also expect more fun things to do at this year’s event.

Daughter Jack is a veteran stage actress, Radio Presenter/Producer, and a Voice Artiste. She has worked in various media establishments and acted in various stage productions. She has also produced various documentaries. Her hands are full in every sense of the word.

And are there wedding bells soon on the horizon? That is a question that is of little concern to Daughter at the moment. For now, she is content with ensuring that couples have a swell time at the CYD.

Daughter Jack is one lady that has found her purpose in life; have you found yours?

Passion & Professionalism

I took this grainy picture on my way to work this morning. It is the picture of a traffic warden, popularly known as “Yellow Fever” because of the colour of the uniforms they wear.

These people are employed to control traffic within the city. And they are a fixture in any Nigerian city.

I don’t know whether or not we should continue to have them on our streets; that is not the focus of this discussion.

My discussion is on how they go about their jobs.

I personally think that this must be one of the most menial jobs on earth and when you see some of them at work, you just know it. The entire body language screams, “I hate my job!”

And who can blame them?

But there’s another set of “yellow fever Policemen.” These are the ones that intrigue, inspire and motivate. They don’t just control traffic; they entertain. They dance, spin, roll and slide. They are such a delight on the roads that many of them have received tips and applause from motorists and bystanders. A few of them have even received National awards in the past.

Yet it’s the same job, same pay.

The difference is attitude. One set approach the job with contempt for self and opportunity; the other set approaches with gratitude for the chance to work and earn a living. And when you can approach your work with a great attitude, you find creative ways to make it fun.


That’s the magic. It may not be the best job in the world but you can be the best at it. The battle over self is a bigger one than any other; win that and you can win any other.

So which kind of yellow fever are you?

Maintain Your Lane

A few days ago a driver scratched my car; very badly, but his car was older and more fragile so it was more damaged.

In anger he drove ahead of me and blocked my car, alighted angrily and came to pour a lot of saliva on me. I tried to let him know he was at fault; I had maintained the same lane for several kilometres and he, on the other hand, was one of those lane switchers. My explanation was lost on him and after a few minutes I gave up.

He ranted for a while more before getting back into his car. I sighed in frustration.

One of the many things wrong with our society is lane switching. We are driving down the highway and rather than maintain our lane for as long as possible, we switch and swerve all over the place. And that leads to traffic jams and scratched vehicles and frayed nerves…sometimes even fisticuffs!

So why don’t we just maintain a lane on the highway like people do in other climes?

A man starts out selling rice and sees his neighbour producing liquid soap; he abandons the rice and switches lane to produce soap. A few months later he is selling firewood at the street corner. Before you know it he has printed business cards and he tells you he is now a general contractor! No training in anything, no apprenticeship, therefore no expertise!

Lane switchers. The bane of our society.

My friend, and soul sister Swat Kasham, of Swatiris studios posted a video on her Facebook wall a few days back and she mentioned that her “work may not cure cancer but…”

I smiled. Swat may not cure cancer with her photography but she sure can make a sick person happy with her beautiful images. If she jumps from photography to Nursing who will capture those lovely images?

Everybody has a role to play in society. Just like every lane on the highway leads to a destination. If we would only maintain our lane and focus in driving in a straight line, we would get to our destination faster…and perhaps there would be fewer accidents?

Just maintain your lane..



Sunday book review: Promises on Sand

I’m no poet. I do not deceive myself that I am Rupi Kaur. I am not. But I love poetry. Sometimes, I dabble into poetry; a few lines here, a few lines there.

So when I see a poet who is focused and passionate about their poetry, I sit up and take notice.

I saw such a one recently.

Her name is Amina Aboje. She is a poet; and her collection of poetry is a poetry lovers’ delight any day.

I got a copy of her book, Promises on Sand, a few weeks back and my poetry life has never been the same.

The book contains a rich and varied collection of poems on every contemporary subject you can think of.

Promises on sand is not a book you read and discard, it is a book that takes pride of place on your bookshelf so that you can whip it out often and refresh yourself.

Amina takes us through love notes, political discussions, dealing with grief, social issues, etc.

This is Amina’s first book but I can already tell it will not be her last!