What do you really want?

Today I begin sharing a few excerpts from my book on Clarity. Enjoy!

What do you really want? How badly do you want it? What are you prepared to do to get that thing you want so badly?
One thing I have come to realize is that most people do not really want the things they think they want. Their desires are usually nothing more than lazy wishes. As the saying goes, ‘’if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.’’
You don’t see many beggars riding horses do you? Wishes are not horses, wishes are ephemeral thoughts that float in and out of our minds at will. In order to make a wish a reality, you need to take hold of the thought and give it substance.
And that is what this book is all about.
I have wished for many things in my life (I wanted to be a tall girl, at least 5ft.8 inches tall, but I’m barely 5ft 4inches!) I wished to have a degree from the UK before age thirty. I wished for a home by the beach. I wished to be at the opening ceremony of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta
So many wishes that never saw the light of day! In looking back, I realize that they did not see the light of day because they were thoughts, I never took hold of and made them into reality. In other words, they remained in my head and went out as easily as they came in.
On the other hand, there are quite a number of thoughts that seemed totally impossible at the time they floated into my subconscious that are today my realities. I will be sharing some of those thoughts-turned-into-realities with you as we go along.
Human beings are essentially co-creators with God. In the Bible it is clearly stated:
“let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…”
This statement came immediately after the account of the creation of the Heavens and the Earth. Now, if something is made in the likeness of another, it usually has the same properties as the original. It has the same abilities and capabilities. Meaning therefore, that if man was made in the image and likeness of the creator, he has the capacity to create. Again, the Bible in another place says, ‘’…as He is so are we in this world…”
If all of this is true, why then do we live so far below what we desire? Could it be that we do not really want the things we say we want? Or is it simply a lack of understanding of how to get what we desire?

Clarity Versus Reality is due for release in April.


Define your gain


No pain, no gain?
March 12, 2019 By Elsie Dennis

I took this snapshot on my way from the gym where I’d spent an hour listening to my instructor shout “no pain, no gain, repeatedly as he did his best to wear us out.

No pain, no gain. I’m not sure I agree. After all, I was sweating because of the weight I had gained and I can assure you the weight gain came from pleasurable indulgence. The issue here for me is the type of pain or gain we are talking about.
Sacrifice is pain and if applied in the right direction it leads to gain in the right direction.
But sweat and suffering does not automatically lead to the right kind of gain.

Today, redefine your pain. Sweat for the right reasons. Be clear about what your want to gain and the pain you are prepared to handle. Clarity always brings success.

My book on the subject of clarity is out on April 1st. Book your copy now.

Reduced to clear?

I was washing up yesterday morning when I noticed the label on this mug.

As an avid mug collector I’m always on the look out for pretty mugs at reasonable prices.

Sometime last year I saw these mugs in a shop, they had been reduced to clear and I quickly grabbed two. I took them home and because I had no immediate space I packed them away.

Recently my kids brought one of them out and we have been using them for a variety of drinkables.

More than a year after purchase, I notice that the shop label is still on it.

Reduced to 150

Not good enough to be sold at premium price

Been on the shelf too long

Bla bla bla!

My heart broke for my mug. I quickly yanked off the label and washed it clean. It was a little reluctant to let go of the label…”reduced!” It seemed to be saying to me:

“I’m unworthy, just leave me be..”

For far too many of us, the label that life and circumstances hung on us aeons ago is still around our necks.

Someone called you names in High school and thirty years and three degrees later, that label is still hanging on your neck.

A husband walked out on you and hung the label of “difficult woman” on you and ten years later you walk around with your head bowed in shame and low self-esteem!

Just like my mug -reduced to clear..

What you need to understand is this: the inability of the shop to sell the mug at market value does not take away from it’s intrinsic value.

The shop couldn’t handle it but the shopper bought it. It’s value to the shopper is the value of what it is capable of delivering. In this case, a delicious cup of coffee, beverage, juice etc.

Don’t allow a label hang on you past its date. The minute that mug was taken off the shelf in the shop its value changed forever.

Focus on the value you are capable of delivering today and wash off that old misleading label. Reduction may have brought you to where you are but it is recognition of your intrinsic value that will determine where next you’ll go.

My mug is up on the shelf, standing with pride. What about you?

A literary evening.

So great to hang out with book lovers

There is something very refreshing about spending time with people who speak your language – in this case, “book speak”

We had a great time connecting with book lovers, writers and readers alike on Saturday evening in Abuja. The occasion was the 24th Guest Writer session of the Abuja Writers Forum, AWF. AWF was started by media maverick, Dr. Emman Shehu. The forum has produced, encouraged and nurtured writers in all genres since inception in 2008.

This month’s session featured Prof. May Ifeoma Nwoye, prolific writer and novelist with several publications to her credit.

She read from her latest work, Oil Cemetery, an award winning novel about the troubled Niger Delta region.

Budding novelist and writer, Ladi Opaoluwa who just returned from a residency at the McDowell writers residency in the US.

Music was provided by the very talented Seth Ogahi.

The trio spoke about their works and future plans. The very interesting evening was rounded off with a book raffle.

Happy Birthday Girl

Today I pause to celebrate every act of kindness, every piece of goodness that exists inside of me.

I confess that I have been greatly helped by God, using men and women too.My life is in a good place and I look to the future and all I see is a woman greatly at peace with herself.

God has been good to me.

#ItsMyBirthday #GratefulHeart #ABlessedLifeMayoress

When Life gets in the way..

All too frequently, life gets in the way of us doing great things. Let me explain:

You set out to do something really great and meaningful towards achieving your long-held dreams, you are all fired-up and excited because now you know exactly what to do and nothing is going to stand in your way! You are ready to climb mount Everest; sail the seven seas(huh?), scuba-dive, fly solo across the Atlantic, cross the Sahara desert on foot, run a marathon at 50, or whatever your big dream is. And you set out.

Then the news comes; your faithful companion of five years, your labrador has been diagnosed with rabies and needs to be put down, or your apartment complex has just been sold and you need to move out immediately; or your company is downsizing and your job has gone up in the smoke of Economic crisis!

Suddenly, a marathon doesn’t look so attractive anymore, and mount Everest? What is that? And did you say scuba-diving? When dear old Bani is gone forever? Come on! The wind goes out of your sails and your dreams take a back seat. You are fighting for air and struggling not to drown in life’s issues. It happens to us all, and it happens all the time.

But guess what? Nothing just happens! And if it happened, then there was a reason, a purpose if you like, for it. So what do you do?

You keep your dreams on the burner, on low heat, while you attend to the crisis. You sleep and you wake up. Re-write your goals and evaluate your options. Move your timelines and rearrange your schedule. And pour love on you. Yes, love yourself through the process; stay strong or weak, but stay. Focus on the moment but don’t forget that tomorrow will come. Don’t talk yourself out of tomorrow because of a lousy today; It’s not always a function of how the day starts, a day that starts slowly can end on a high note.

Life happens; embrace it and move on. Get back on track when you can and look back with a smile when it’s all over. Everyday counts towards the story of life. It counts, good and bad. The last chapter is still being written folks. Life happens, it was meant to be..