Lakeside Notes. The Shopping Centre

My trip from Lagos had been long and tiring. I left Lagos very early in the morning and got to Abuja about 3pm. looking back now that seems a little bit ridiculous; leave Lagos in the morning and get to Abuja by 3pm? And I say it was a long trip? 2019 I did theContinue reading “Lakeside Notes. The Shopping Centre”

The Arrival 2.

 The lower part of my face was trembling slightly as I did my best to keep a straight face. The taxi headed for Area 3. I looked around and saw a hill across the road and behind, as the taxi moved away on clean, well-demarcated roads. I would find out later that hill was KukwabaContinue reading “The Arrival 2.”

Happy Independence Nigeria

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE NIGERIA! Nigeria is 58! Somehow, I am struggling to whip up the usual patriotic fervor to wish my beloved country a happy Independence Day celebration. In years past I was able to come up with something but this morning, all I feel is heaviness. Heaviness at the number of basic things that areContinue reading “Happy Independence Nigeria”

Sunday Book review: New Book Alert

After close to a year of back and forth, my new book is set to hit the virtual shelves in a matter of days. The book, GOD IS NOT HERE is particularly special to me. It is a book set in the part of the world where I come from, the Niger Delta region ofContinue reading “Sunday Book review: New Book Alert”

Dancing to the drumbeats of war. 1

There was a song they used to sing in those days; it goes something like this: Ojukwu wanted to scatter Nigeria! Gowoni say Nigeria must be one! We are fighting together with Gowon! To keep Nigeria one! It was a song about the Nigerian civil war and kids marched to it during and immediately afterContinue reading “Dancing to the drumbeats of war. 1”

Nigeria @55: 55 Nigerians I admire and respect.

When I first came up with the idea of this article series sometime last year it seemed like the most ridiculous thing anyone could think of doing with their time. A number of my friends told me I would never be able to find as much as ten untainted Nigerians to write about let aloneContinue reading “Nigeria @55: 55 Nigerians I admire and respect.”


    The Urhobo people have an adage that only a dog watches silently while his meal is prepared amiss. I am not a dog and I will not be silent. What I am is a Nigerian with a major stake in her country and the power to do something about getting it on theContinue reading “WE ARE NOT DOGS (1)”

Enjoy the present on the way to the future.

Yesterday morning, I was hand washing my “unmentionables” and I noticed my daughter had left one of hers in  the bucket to wash later. I decided to be “generous” and wash it for her. As I did, I thought back to when she was a tiny baby and I had to do all of herContinue reading “Enjoy the present on the way to the future.”