Sunday book review: Promises on Sand

I’m no poet. I do not deceive myself that I am Rupi Kaur. I am not. But I love poetry. Sometimes, I dabble into poetry; a few lines here, a few lines there.

So when I see a poet who is focused and passionate about their poetry, I sit up and take notice.

I saw such a one recently.

Her name is Amina Aboje. She is a poet; and her collection of poetry is a poetry lovers’ delight any day.

I got a copy of her book, Promises on Sand, a few weeks back and my poetry life has never been the same.

The book contains a rich and varied collection of poems on every contemporary subject you can think of.

Promises on sand is not a book you read and discard, it is a book that takes pride of place on your bookshelf so that you can whip it out often and refresh yourself.

Amina takes us through love notes, political discussions, dealing with grief, social issues, etc.

This is Amina’s first book but I can already tell it will not be her last!


Is Zuckerberg after me?

Two days ago I deleted my Facebook messenger app. Yes, I did.

I had just received a video from a friend. It had a story about how messenger could be used to access all of my private information from anywhere. And I panicked. And deleted the app immediately.

Yesterday I sheepishly downloaded it again.


You see, I attended a one+man conference organised by myself and I told myself to use my brain.

One of the questions I asked myself was, “so you mean, Mark Zuckerberg is sitting down somewhere with his minions watching me write meaningless drivel and he is planning to come and get me? “So that what will happen? Why would the President of Facebook leave his over 1 billion citizens and come after me?”

I’m not a movie star; my books are on the New York Times bestseller list I know but that is only in my head. The whole world is talking about me and I know that but the reason I know is because the ‘whole world’ lives within the four walls of my home. And they do not need messenger to see what I am doing.

So I have concluded that brother Mark is not after me. It is paranoia that makes no sense.

And anyway, what is the information I’m hiding? Aside from my very fat bank balance of course.

I have restored my app. I need it more than the people who after me..

Have a baby? Write a book?

The writing process is somewhat like having a baby. Get pregnant. Nurture the pregnancy. Suffer morning sickness. Hate everyone who doesn’t understand what you’re going through. Love everyone who shows you sympathy. Feel bloated, ugly etc.
Finally labour day! And how dare you say my baby is ugly?
And that’s why no one says, “oh, this baby is so ugly!” It’d be a cruel thing to say after all the lady has been through. Be kind, be loving, be generous. Buy that baby a gift. Go on, do something.

Book writing process: all of the above+ and then they say it’s a poorly written book? You just broke a heart! There are no ugly babies after all.

So go on, order the book. You know you wanna…


30 days to the unveiling.


No mission is ever cut and dried; just like real life there are twists and turns. The trick is to unravel enough to make a whole.

What twists and what turns in this new book?

#Day 30 #BookRelease

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#Elsiewrite, #watchthisspace

A literary evening.

So great to hang out with book lovers

There is something very refreshing about spending time with people who speak your language – in this case, “book speak”

We had a great time connecting with book lovers, writers and readers alike on Saturday evening in Abuja. The occasion was the 24th Guest Writer session of the Abuja Writers Forum, AWF. AWF was started by media maverick, Dr. Emman Shehu. The forum has produced, encouraged and nurtured writers in all genres since inception in 2008.

This month’s session featured Prof. May Ifeoma Nwoye, prolific writer and novelist with several publications to her credit.

She read from her latest work, Oil Cemetery, an award winning novel about the troubled Niger Delta region.

Budding novelist and writer, Ladi Opaoluwa who just returned from a residency at the McDowell writers residency in the US.

Music was provided by the very talented Seth Ogahi.

The trio spoke about their works and future plans. The very interesting evening was rounded off with a book raffle.

That speech


The President is back. And he has spoken.

“So what?’’ you say.

So, everything.

The President of Nigeria spends 103 days outside of the Country on medical leave and he returns and delivers a speech that leaves us wondering if someone is not trying to make a fool of us all.

The speech is at best weak, lacklustre and ineffective. At worst, it is downright annoying and possibly insulting. Let me explain.

The president has been away for longer than normal. In his absence, a lot of issues were raised and concerns expressed about various aspects of our national life. In fact, our very existence as a nation has been called to question, and there is a threat of a break up hanging over the nation.

In all of his time away, there was not one national broadcast to assure the people that all was well, or not. Naturally, expectations were high that upon his return he would deal with the plethora of issues on the ground. Unfortunately, not so.

President Buhari merely mentioned the issues we face as a Nation. There was nothing decisive, tangible or actionable in the entire 15 paragraph speech. The speech was like something hurriedly put together to fulfill the proverbial “all righteousness.” But one wonders why this is so.

The President arrived on Saturday and we were told he would address the nation on Monday. He had two clear days at the very least to prepare to deliver the speech. But then we know that no President prepares his own speech; surely, there is a team of speechwriters at the President’s beck and call?

Speechwriting is a serious endeavor; speechwriters conduct research, analyze issues and situations and then write speeches that speak directly to the occasion. This has not been done. We would have been better served if the address had been put on hold for a few more days to allow for greater input.

What the nation needs right now is a speech that will inspire confidence in the President’s ability to function, pull us closer together as a people and chart a clear course out of the present quagmire. And while we do not expect a complete economic blueprint, it would not have been out of place to say something that would ‘breathe’ some life into the economic landscape. Economies can, and do rise and fall based on a President’s words.

Sadly, the President has managed to speak without saying anything.