For whom do you write?


It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? I had to make a quick, unscheduled trip which took longer than it should have. Now I’m back to the daily grind.

Part of the reason I traveled was to arrange for book marketing channels. Several discussions came up and my eyes were opened to ways I could make more money as a “writerpreneur.”

writers don’t live on air, or on the food they write about sometimes. A writer is a regular human with needs like food, clothes, necessities; writers have bills to pay like everyone else. Unlike most professions though, we all tend to forget this little fact.
Which brings me to the subject of this post.

For whom do you write?

When you sit at your desk with the proverbial cup of coffee before you and you churn out those words, who do you have in mind? More than anything else, who do you expect to pay for your writing? Because someone has to pay the bills while you wait to become the next Nobel prize winner.
I guess this is why a lot of writers retain their day jobs, which is a good thing. For several years I moonlighted too. My writing was screaming my name but I could not respond because I had bills to pay. I still have bills to pay but I have become a “Writerpreneur.” My bills are paid almost 100% from activities related to writing and book sales.

The first thing I did was to identify my audience and write focused, commercial-quality material. And it is beginning to pay off. I enjoy being called a writer but the joy is more meaningful when the writing pays for itself and pays for me too!

So, do you know for whom you write? Is your writing paying for itself? for you?

Here’s to profitable writing..!
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To Do

I believe your year is off to a great start already. If it isn’t, there’s time enough to make adjustments.

Yesterday was full and overflowing for me. I’m not on vacation so there’s lots to be done, regardless of what day of the year it is.

Which brings me to today’s topic: my To Do list.

The To-do list is one of the most powerful management tools I’ve found. I started using it about sixteen years ago when I had a Swiss Boss who would insist on the to-do list. It is a simple and very effective tool for managing time and keeping on track with your tasks and targets.

Some people advocate making your list the night before and I completely agree with this line of thinking.

However, I’m usually so tired at the end of the day that I fall into bed and can barely manage to hold pen and paperπŸ˜‚

So, I make my list first thing in the morning after I pray and study my Bible. Then I get ready and start working my list down. I don’t always make my lists in the order in which I intend to do the tasks; I write the way I remember, so I may find that item #15 is the most urgent task of the day. I don’t sweat it, I just get to it.

Some things may arise in the course of the day that push some tasks down the list or make them unnecessary. Again, I don’t sweat it, I just get to it.

What happens when I don’t get to a task in the course of the day?

I’ll tell you later, right now my list is calling out to me.

Do you use a to-do list? Do share!


Happy New Year… again

It’s day 2 of 2020. We are still sending the wishes but the year has started. If you’re still basking in the euphoria and have not started work on your goals you are cheating yourself of some mega gains.

Of course, if you are on vacation it’s fine. I almost envy you πŸ˜‹πŸ˜„

But if you are sitting down and not actively getting involved in the process of owning the year, I shake my head at you.

Yesterday morning I was preparing breakfast for my family when I heard a familiar sound from the street. The local shoe cobblers who ply their trade by walking the streets hitting their tools to draw attention were at it.

I was surprised. The guy didn’t care about the celebration going on in various homes around, he was bent on making money that day.

Maybe his family would go hungry if he didn’t go out for the day. May be he was smart enough to know people might need their shoes fixed. Whatever his reasons, he was smart enough to face his year, head on.

I suggest you do the same. Get about your year. Now.

My To do list has 15 items on it and this blog post is #3.

Let’s own this 2020.


PS: my book on planning and goal setting is available on Amazon and You need it

Clarity versus Reality by Elsie O. Dennis

Happy New Year πŸŽˆ

Welcome to 2020!

Wow, what a year! There’s never before been one like it surely. The world seems to be on the edge of something so big there’s no way to describe it. I can’t pretend to know what it is though, but we wait.

My family just got up from the dinner table, food was great and way too much, laughter was plentiful and we sure can use more of it!

New Year’s day has been different in my family for 20 years now. On the first day of the millennium God blessed our lives with my son who has brought us nothing but joy in 20 years.

Today we look back to the year 2000 and we recall it was also expected to be an epic year. In retrospect, there’s not much I remember from that year.

But I remember the birth of my son and I remember how much our lives have changed since I had him.

As we move into this New Year, it is my sincere prayer and strong desire that God will give you that one unforgettable gift, that one gift that you will remember for years to come with joy and gratitude.

Happy 2020. May it be awesome for you.

What’s the temperature?

My son and I go out walking/running every morning. Usually we walk together up to a point and he takes off running. I continue walking till I meet up with him at the half way point, then we turn back and walk home.

We do between 3-5km every morning. It’s a nice scenic walk, mostly along a quiet tree-lined avenue. The walk serves a dual purpose: we bond and of course we keep fit.

In the past month, the weather has been getting colder because of the harmattan winds blowing in from the North, and the early morning temperature drops as low as 16-19 degrees Celsius (cold for my part of the world)

Leaving the warmth of my bed for a run at 6am is not always enticing but we do it anyway. Whenever we set out, I am tempted to go back home and put on warmer clothes but I resist the temptation.

I shiver for the first half kilometre and then I would start feeling warm, by the halfway point I would be sweating profusely, glad that I resisted the temptation to dress warmer. For several days, I believed the temperature rose higher between when we left home and when we got to the sweat point.

A few days ago, I decided to note the temperature at both points. I was surprised to see there had been no change at all in the weather between home and sweat point. The external temperature was exactly the same as it was when we left home.

That’s when it hit me.

I was the one changing the temperature by my actions. My brisk walk pushed the cold away and kept me warm, and even hot. It didn’t matter how cold it was on the outside, I had the power within me to change my temperature. I could stay home and be cold, walk slowly and shiver, or step out, walk/jog briskly and move up the temperature around me.

I didn’t need warmer clothes and better weather, all I needed was to move up the pace.

It’s 2020 in a few hours, what’s the temperature going to be all year round?


Defining your clarity

Hello dear Human,

How are you doing this fine Monday? (or whatever day you stumble on this post). This is coming to let you know there is still time to redefine and reshape your reality by clarifying what you want.

“Clarity is the ability to see something so clearly in your mind that you can describe it well.”

“Wherever you are in life, you can change your reality by focusing on your clarity.”

I will let you chew on the quotes above as you go into this week.

For more please look for the, Clarity versus Reality, how to design the life you dream of from where you are.

It is available on and also available on

Have a clearly defined week ahead!

How much do you want it?


At the end of last year, I made some of those crazy type decisions we often make in a moment of spiritual enlightenment. The type of decision you get up from and say to yourself, “wait, what did I just commit to?”

I will share that decision at the end of the year when all the craziness has finished manifesting. For now, I want to talk about our desires and how we let them slide.

We say we want something and we start off all gungho and determined to achieve, but then we meet obstacle numbers 1,2,3…and we begin to sing a new song. Mind you, it is the same with me. But success does not come to those who give up and this is something I am learning everyday. It takes grit, it takes suffering, it takes a lot of backbreaking work but eventually it gets done.Success is not in the outcome, it is in the process.
This year I have faced a lot of challenges but I have also learnt to pull up my trousers and get dirty in the mud. As a result, I believe I have seen more books birthed this year than at any other period in my writing career.

You want to know how I have managed to overcome my inherent laziness and do what I need to do? It’s all down in my book, “Clarity versus Reality, how to design the life you want from where you are.”
I will share stories and insights from it soon.

For now, pick up that project and get to work again. Giving up is not even an option

That image on this post? one of the several books this past few weeks…