My Gratitude Chronicles (2)

Broken bones and forgiveness When I was about twelve or thirteen years old, someone did a bad DV episode on me and broke my back, (at least, that’s what the local orthopaedic guy said when my Mom took me to him very late the night after the incident I had been staying with this familyContinue reading “My Gratitude Chronicles (2)”

Domestic violence? Get a life lady, get a life!

  One of the reasons we often hear for women remaining in abusive homes is that they do not have the means to leave. They have neither a job nor any other income source or they have no savings of any sort. I know there are several contributing factors but this is one of theContinue reading “Domestic violence? Get a life lady, get a life!”

Between Abigail and Saphira: Who’s the better wife?

Two very interesting female characters in the Bible are Abigail and Sapphira. Both were wives with very intriguing stories. Abigail was the wife of Nabal, a rich man who dealt in animal husbandry; he had livestock in abundance and was a man to be reckoned with in his time. But his name was ‘Nabal’ whichContinue reading “Between Abigail and Saphira: Who’s the better wife?”

Of containers and their contents: my deep freezer and I.

Amazing the number of things we take for granted in our daily lives isn’t it? So here am I thinking about my deep freezer and its contents and the vital role it plays in my life. First some background on this most important of containers; I’ve had several in the past twenty odd years. MostContinue reading “Of containers and their contents: my deep freezer and I.”